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Support for the New Deal is strong and building throughout Northern Ontario and beyond. Following is a selection of statements from individuals and organizations.

I am very pleased about the opportunity for First Nations people to get involved in the development of the Ring of Fire. We are ready to work together for the benefit of First Nations people. An important part of this will involve training and education so that Aboriginal workers can gain access to the full range of future employment opportunities at Ring of Fire mines.

-       Leo Friday, Deputy Grand Chief, Mushkegowuk Council


The plan being proposed is ambitious, far sighted and has positive long-term implications for my region and for Canada. It will provide jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity as well as a mechanism for maintaining and developing the rail infrastructure in Ontario’s North.

-       Jay Aspin, MP, Nipissing-Timiskaming (Click here for full statement)


Be it resolved that the North Bay City Council strongly supports the New Deal for Ontario Northland Transportation Commission and encourages all levels of government and other stakeholders to work cooperatively to ensure it is implemented expeditiously and successfully.

-       North Bay City Council, Resolution No. 2012-645 (passed unanimously on Nov. 12, 2012)


This is a new deal for Northern Ontario. Not only will we save transportation services and hundreds of existing jobs in the North, but our plan will also create thousands more jobs by providing access to the Ring of Fire.

-       Brian Stevens, Representative, General Chairperson’s Association


With broad and building support, I am confident that this initiative is well on its way to success. We are particularly excited about providing access to the Ring of Fire with a rail solution that is by far the most economic and environmentally friendly solution. This plan also keeps these important infrastructure assets in public hands for the benefit of all stakeholders.

-       Roy Hains, CEO, The James Bay & Lowlands Ports Trustee Corporation


More Voices

In addition to those directly supporting the New Deal, many key players have expressed ideas that are consistent with the New Deal’s vision and goals for ONTC and the Ring of Fire.

This development of major mineral deposits in northern Ontario offers the prospect of substantial socio-economic opportunities for all northern residents, particularly Aboriginal Peoples. The government should collaborate with Aboriginals, industry and the federal government to maximize these opportunities.

-       Economist Don Drummond, Chair of the Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Services, in his report to the provincial government


This is a big project, we can't do it on our own, so what I invited the prime minister to do is to give some thought as to how we might partner together with our First Nations communities to take every advantage of this new opportunity in our backyard.

-       Premier Dalton McGuinty (as reported by Canadian Press, May 24, 2012)


I'm going to review that decision (to shut down Ontario Northland). I'm not sure that is key part of a Northern strategy. … The Ontario Northland ... has to be one that is fully viable. The question is how do you do it that way. Is it part of the Ring of Fire outlook? We'll have to look at that.

-       Gerard Kennedy, Liberal leadership candidate (as reported by the Sudbury Star, Nov. 23, 2012)


I'd put the pause button on ONTC decisions. We should not be making these one off decisions.

-       MPP and Liberal leadership candidate Glenn Murray (as reported in the North Bay Nugget, Nov. 19, 2012)


BE IT RESOLVED that the Council for the City of Timmins petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to immediately suspend plans to divest from ONTC and consult with local municipalities stakeholders and regional economic development organization regarding the long term plans for improving the effectiveness of ONTC as a government asset.

-       City of Timmins Council resolution (passed on Nov. 5, 2012)


Municipal council resolutions regarding ONTC have been passed by more than 20 Northern Ontario municipalities

      - Municipal resolutions (Oct. 23, 2012)


[W]e believe that Northwestern Ontario needs to be supported in its bid for the ‘development of a strong and diverse economy’ through the Province taking the leadership in planning, developing and owning the infrastructure necessary to support the Ring of Fire development and any other mining venture to be located in the Northwest.

- Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (NOMA) presentation to Ministers and Opposition members, AMO Conference, August 2012 (complete report available at


Transportation has always been a significant part of Ontario’s economic advantage. Ontario’s proximity to key markets, and well developed roads, railways, ports and airports helped spur the development of a strong and diverse economy.

- Introduction to the Ontario government’s 2012 draft Ontario Multimodal Goods Movement Strategy (from P. 3 of NOMA presentation, August 2012 AMO Conference)

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